What We Do

We take pride in making your pet as comfortable as can be, while you're away.



-Clean, safe and comfortable spaces
-Large separated exercise/play areas
-Calm and relaxing music
-Complimentary bathing
-Flexible arrivals and departures

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Cat Care

-Ideal spacing for cats
-Access to warm afternoon sun
-Routine cleaning
-Personalized attention


Pet Sitting

-Consistent and familiar environment
-Reduce risk while home appears lived in
-Professional and insured team



Safety and comfort is our number one concern. Your dog has access to sealed floors and side walls that are cleaned and sanitized daily. The exercise areas are scooped in between each dog’s use. Our kennels are air conditioned in the summer and the heat source for the cold months is in-floor heat. The space is well lit and cheery and we play calm and relaxing music for your dog during the day. We are also excited our new facility offers step free access for both animals and humans.

​Our standard size kennels are 24 square feet. We offer doubled size kennels for larger dogs or families with multiple pets. Solid walls separate each kennel (instead of chain link fence) giving each dog his/her privacy. Our new facility has 8 large exercise areas, each measuring approximately 1,100 square feet. The exercise areas are separated by chain link fence and cemented underground 18-24 inches for added safety. This allows the dogs to interact with other dogs safely and securely.

Every dog also receives a bath and their bedding/bowls are washed before going home (if we are given the requested two hour notice).

Please check out our Service Terms page for additional details.

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Pet Sitting/Walking

If traditional kenneling isn’t in your pet’s best interest, we also offer in home pet sitting. This service allows your pet(s) to stay in the comfort of their home environment while being cared for by insured and bonded professionals. In home pet sitting also helps give the appearance of your house being occupied. This service may also be the most economical for you if you have multiple pets.

Before we begin providing services, we would come to your home for a free in-home consultation. During this free visit Mat will visit with you and your pet(s) to become familiar with their routine. Some of the information gathered include emergency contact information, vaccination records, preference of veterinary care, location of leashes, food, bowls, waste collection, medication instructions (if applicable) as well as a house key. Your pet’s vaccinations must also be up to date and a copy provided for your file. Affordable Pet Services is also expanding this service to include care for animals on small hobby farms. Again, a free consultation is offered to qualify "small hobby farm" services.

We are also excited to offer pet walking services. Every dog deserves its exercise and research shows that a well-exercised dog is less likely to misbehave. Walks can be purchased in 15-minute intervals and grouped together or spread throughout the day.

Cat Care

Our new facility provides the ideal space to care for cats. We have three rooms for cats which are separated from the dog kennels. These rooms face south allowing the warm afternoon sun to shine through. Cats love the opportunity to sit on the window sill and sun themselves ​throughout the day. We also play calm and relaxing music throughout the day adding to the comfort of their stay.

Please check out our Service Terms page for additional details.

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We are proud to provide grooming services for your pets. Services include bathing, styling, ear cleaning, nail trimmings and other routine maintenance items. We also offer skunk bathing to remedy those who have had a run in with a smelly friend.

Contact us to schedule an appointment or visit with us about adding these services to your pets stay.

*We can no longer provide haircuts for dogs of any size, However the grooming items listed below are still available by appointment.

Pet Taxi

We will safely transport your pet to and from the veterinary clinic or grooming appointments, as well as to and from our kennel, in a climate controlled vehicle. Our customers particularly like the convenience of their pets being picked up from and returned to their homes after their stay at our kennels. This allows the owner to continue to prepare for their trip and when they arrive home, the convenience of unpacking and settling back into their routines.