Bil-Jac Dog Food

We are proud to offer Bil Jac Dog Food. Bil Jac is made in the USA with fresh chicken and human grade ingredients, therefore was NOT part of the dog food recalls. As a result of Bil Jac, we have witnessed the unbelievable benefits to our personal pets as well as animals in our care. Bil Jac looks, smells, and feels different from other dog foods because of the manufacturing process. We invite you to visit the Bil Jac website at for more info.

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Products and Pricing

30 lb Large Breed Bil Jac Select Dog Food $52.00
30 lb Bil Jac Select Dog Food $51.00
10 oz Liver Treats $4.99
Slow Feeder Bowl - small 10 oz $13.99
Slow Feeder Bowl - medium 32 oz $16.99
Shampoo $9.99
ProEar $9.99

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